Instructions to complete the Reservation.


To formalize the reservation of ferry tickets, it is important to take into account the following information:


The rates offered are BY CABIN or BY VEHICLE.

*** SPECIAL OFFER RALLYE: For the WAY THERE, the Organization has closed an agreement with the shipping company ARMAS - TRASMEDITERRANEA, to provide a Special Charter Ferry, with direct arrival to Nador and departure from Almeria on Tuesday October 1 at 10.00h.

The Organization has provided the Police and Customs service on board the ferry TRASMEDITERRANEA and all the participants will be able to stamp their passports and the document D16 of customs during the maritime crossing, assuring that the administrative procedures in Nador will be faster and simpler.

This special ferry has a scheduled arrival at 16:00h at the Port of Nador and there we have prepared a special Customs area for all participants of the Rallye du Maroc, with assistance from our Agency for the processing and preferential passage in Customs, which guarantees a quick exit, and on the road to Fez at noon. The Organization will be responsible for all procedures, preparation and processing of document D16, sealing of the ATA Carnet and security and customs procedures.

*** SPECIAL OFFER RALLYE: For the RETURN, the option chosen by the Organization, and where the Organization will be responsible for all the procedures, preparation and processing of document D16, sealing of the ATA Carnet and security and customs procedures, is Thrusday October 10 at 22.00h on the Nador /Almería route, with the TRASMEDITERRANEA shipping company. In this case, as the journey is at night, the reservation can be made in either a seat or in a stateroom and it must noted that in the ferry planned for this day, the double staterooms have WC and private shower, while the quadruples, have shared services in the corridor.

If any participant has any special needs outside the program of services offered, be it hotels, ferries, schedules or ports of entry or departure to Morocco, you can contact our Sports Adventure Agency directly at ( or +34 680491552) to discuss your request, before making your reservation.


All participants must complete the ferry reservation form, and continue through the pages of the application to select their hotel and finally by pressing the green send button. Once the reservation has been completed, the application indicates on the screen a summary of the reservation, to which you must press the green confirm button. Afterwards you will receive a Confirmed Reservation message and an email with the confirmation PDF and payment instructions.

If you do not receive the email with the PDF of the reservation at the time of making it, please contact Sports Adventure ( or +34 680491552), to verify if your reservation has been correctly registered. We ask you to please verify that all your booking details are correct, because the passenger and hotel lists are obtained from this data and any errors or inaccuracies may cause inconveniences with the hotels, or invalidate or prevent boarding.